Held in conjunction with ESWEEK 2015 on October 8 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Cyber physical systems (CPS) combine computing and networking power with physical components. They enable innovation in a wide range of domains including robotics; smart homes, vehicles, and buildings; medical implants; and future-generation sensor networks. CyPhy'15 brings together researchers and practitioners working on modeling, simulation, and evaluation of CPS, based on a broad interpretation of these areas, to collect and exchange expertise from a diverse set of disciplines. The workshop places particular focus is on techniques and components to enable and support virtual prototyping and testing.

Friday, August 26, 2016

CyPhy 2016 Program

CyPhy 2016 Program



Jyotirmoy Deshmukh, Toyota Technical Center

Formal methods for cyberphysical systems in the automotive domain


Coffee / tea break

Ken Vanherpen, Joachim Denil, Paul De Meulenaere and Hans Vangheluwe. Ontological Reasoning as an Enabler of Contract-Based Co-Design.

Waheed Ahmad, Bugra Mehmet Yildiz, Arend Rensink and Marielle Stoelinga. A Model-Driven Framework for Hardware-Software Co-design of Dataflow Applications.

Sebastian Schlesinger, Paula Herber, Thomas Göthel and Sabine Glesner. Proving Correctness of Refactorings for Hybrid Simulink Models with Control Flow.

Kenichi Betsuno, Shota Matsumoto and Kazunori Ueda. Symbolic Analysis of Hybrid Systems Involving Numerous Discrete Changes Using Loop Detection.


Georgiana Caltais, Florian Leitner-Fischer, Stefan Leue and Jannis Weiser. SysML to NuSMV model transformation via object-orientation.

Stefan Schwab, Bern Holzmueller and Soeren Hohmann. Automated Verification of Switched Systems using Hybrid Identification.

Jonas Westman, Mattias Nyberg and Oscar Thyden. CPS Specifier -- A Specification Tool for Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems.


Coffee / tea break
Shafiul Azam Chowdhury, Taylor Johnson and Christoph Csallner. CyFuzz: : A Differential Testing Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems Development Environments.

Fergus Leahy and Naranker Dulay. Ardan: Using 3D Game Engines in Cyber-Physical Simulations.